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0280122001.JPG (57390 bytes) Throttle position sensor, most used. Jetronic connector. Drawing

Useful electrical angle range degrees = 86°. Useful mechanical angle range is 86°. Angle between internal stops (must not be reached) 95°. Total resistance (term. 1-2) kΩ 2 ± 20 %. 

6PX008476271.jpg (30938 bytes) Throttle position sensor for BMW M -motors and some tuning throttle bodies. Jetronic connector. Resistance (term. 1-3) 4 kΩ ± 20 %. Distance between assembly holes xx mm 6PX008476271
6PX 008 476-281_BMW.JPG (24870 bytes) Throttle position sensor for BMW 3 and series, m.y. 90 - 00. Jetronic connector. Resistance (term. 1-3) 4 kΩ ± 20 %.  Pin layout 6PX008476281
6PX 008 476-131.JPG (74319 bytes) Throttle position sensor for Opel Multec systems, m.y. 90 - 05.  6PX008476131
VDO_level_sensor.JPG (9724 bytes) VDO fuel level sensors for race tanks. Many different lengths. Kit includes all needed parts. Can be used with VDO gauges or with data logging systems.